What do I write for my first blog post? This was the question that I have been finding answer to, for the last 2 weeks. After going through several blogs and searching pinterest for ideas, realization hit me on my face.

There are no rules! You can write about anything that seems ideal to you. Afterall, isn’t it the whole point in starting a blog, where you are free to write about whatever that you feel like!

I was being too comfortable in my cocoon where I was given topics to write about. Yes, I had to do my research but didn’t have to look for topics. I have realized that finding a topic to write about is harder than actual writing.

My first lesson

There is too much importance given to the first blog post. There are so many who say that it is the first impression that people have about you and it is a huge decisive factor for the future etc.

I was wondering if all those were right or wrong? There are two sides to this thought. It is highly important when you are targeting a huge audience to monetize your blog. But for the personal blogs this is not as important as for the others.

A personal blog is a space where you can put down your thoughts without having to worry that someone is coming after you with a sword with revisions and corrections.

Second Lesson

The second lesson was that “Do not think too much about what you want to write about”. Yes, you heard it right!

I had been thinking about the same thing for too long that my brain stopped thinking properly. I was not getting enough ideas or even the proper lines to write something about.

This may sound like the usual writer’s block but this was something that was ‘induced’ not a natural block of the mind.

So the lesson is to stop over thinking and let your mind play on its own. You can always control the words once they are written down.

My Third Lesson

The final lesson about writing the first blog post not to copy anyone. You are spending too much time in finding the ideal blog post so that you can make your identity. When you are trying for a new identity why do you want to copy someone or want to write something similar which is already written!

We must believe that we are unique. It is our duty to stick to this uniqueness and not to be influenced or shadowed by any other person.

The primary person who must give credits to our thoughts should be us- you or me! Whether others like what you wrote or not is only secondary. You never know what would work.

Final Thoughts

A blog post is the final product of your thought process. It changes from person to person. I was worried too much about this first topic that for a while I was looking in the dark. So folks, stop looking around when you already have a gold mine for thoughts! Happy blogging!