Destination weddings are one of the biggest changes that time has brought about. When I got married a decade ago, destination weddings were mostly unheard of.

Today, it is not a distant dream but can easily be an achievable reality. There are several locations that are ideal for such occasions that are suitable for both a simple function or an extravagant blast. Beach weddings top the list of the locations that many couples prefer.

Destination weddings are costly!

That is a given! Such weddings require loads of money so that you can afford to bring in your guests and make them comfortable.

Well, Malaysia is emerging as the new destination wedding hub because of its rich culture and economical locations. The significance of Malaysia for Indians is more in terms of it being a family vacation spot. Add in some extravagant wedding, you have the perfect holiday to relax and enjoy!

Malaysia- The Emerging Destination Wedding Hub

Ever since we saw “Virushka” getting married in Italy, destination weddings have been a hot topic. Indian weddings have always been luxurious and people are looking for new ways to step-up their celebration methods.

Destination weddings have their charm which most likely takes the ceremony outdoors, especially against serene and natural back-drops. Malaysia possesses several such perfect locations that can turn out to be dream destinations. 

Recent news from Tourism Malaysia

Recently, Tourism Malaysia and Wedding Affair together conducted the Malaysia Wedding Conclave in New Delhi. The motive of it was to promote more tourists from India to Malaysia. Since Indian weddings see a huge turnout of guests, getting more visitors through this is highly possible. 

Moreover, the introduction of Malaysia eVisa for Indians has eased the visa processing and has made it convenient and time-saving. 

Malaysia, Indians, and Weddings

Destination weddings are ideal when it is at an exotic location on foreign lands. Malaysia offers to be a perfect foreign land and at the same time giving it a ‘desi’ touch with its Indianness. One may enjoy being in another country and yet feel right at home for those who need it.

Most importantly, organizing a wedding is highly expensive and getting visas for the guests can be at the top of this list. This is where Malaysia helps you save money and time. 

Reasons why you should choose Malaysia

Desi feel on foreign land

Malaysia has a rich culture that is closer to India than one can think of. A wedding here would surely blend with the country and its exotic locations. The cuisine is another factor that makes it ideal for Indian weddings. It is easier to find a caterer for Indian food in Malaysia than in any other country. One can even have a fun wedding done completely in Malaysian attire. 

Top 3 Locations in Malaysia

If you are to look for a perfect wedding location in Malaysia, I recommend these 3 locations that would be ideal for anyone. 

1. Langkawi 

Langkawi is at the top since it is easily reachable from the city. There are several resorts and beaches that can be the wedding venue. Many of the resorts boasts of having competent staff that is experts in wedding planning so one may rest easy and enjoy the functions. 

The icing on the cake would be a beautiful background for the camera to capture every moment of a memorable occasion.

2. Pangkor Laut

This is a beautiful and private-owned island with a single resort. This serene location is one of the popular destinations for a wedding. One can easily enjoy a beach wedding and at the same time have it at a convenient location with other facilities.

If you are inspired by the Deepika Ranveer wedding, this is one option for you to have one such for yourself. Moreover, Pangkor would soon be a duty-free island making it even more enticing.

3. George Town

George Town holds the proud heritage of Malaysia. A wedding here can be truly traditional with beautiful photography. There are a few options for Chinese mansions that can host the occasion. 


Weddings are nothing short of fairy tales. Malaysia has always been closer to India in its culture. A wedding happening here would still have a homely feeling. Additionally, Malaysia serves as a perfect host for a family vacation with fun, memories, and best hospitality along with cheaper rates to save you more.