Moving out suddenly and don’t have enough time for an elaborate packing? Never mind, here are some creative ideas that would help you with packing your jewelry pieces safe and secure!

Relocating is the most tedious task in the whole world! No matter how neatly we pack, jewelry is something that we find most difficult while unpacking. The tangled necklaces, broken bangles, missing earrings, etc. are a real headache. The list could go on and on. 

A planned moving is better; at least we get some time to organize things better. But what about the sudden plans? I don’t even want to think about that. 

All the efforts and plans in organizing the vanity would go out the window within the first few minutes of packing. 

A messy traveler?

I am always a messy traveler. I make big plans to pack everything neatly every time but end up throwing things here and there at the last moment. The trick for smart packing is to identify the things that you are sure to use and those who have not been using it for a long time. Sort them first and you can simply dump those unused jewelry pieces together and I am sure you would end up far fewer items to pack than earlier. 

Some packing tips and tricks for jewelry!

Getting creative is the key! Packaging material does not solely mean those boxes.  Finding other ways to pack things can save you space and will also pack the other items.  You can use many of your own things to pack the jewelry in. 

Let’s see what those creative things are, that you can use as storage boxes or space for the jewelry.  

Muffin tins/tray

I’m sure you will have one of those. The muffin pits are safe haven to keep the earrings, rings and even for the necklaces! It makes it easier to sort the items according to their color or size. 

While storing earrings, pack them first in a small piece of paper and then place it inside the tins. Necklaces should be placed individually or a maximum of two in a pit. 

You can use the muffin tins even for your little princess’s bangles! Once you are done, seal the whole tray with a clear wrap to keep everything inside. 

Pills box

Get better with the pillboxes that also have a lid that is more secure. You can sort the jewelry according to its size or colors. 

Ice trays

Ran out of those muffin tins? Never mind, you still have those ice trays as your savior. Fill it with your earrings, rings, or bracelets. Seal the trays with a kitchen wrap to secure everything in the place. 

Lunch or storage boxes

Packing the jewelry in the lunch boxes or the kitchen storage boxes is another best way to have them in one place. The problem here could be that they might get mixed up. Avoid this mix up by individually wrapping them in pairs or groups in a paper. The lunch boxes will also have compartments to sort the jewelry. 

Kitchen Grater!

 Yes, your grater from the kitchen could also be the perfect piece to store all your earrings. Just hook up the earrings into the holes. Remember that this will work for only the hook type ones. The same could also be used to have your necklaces by tying them with a thread and looping it through the holes to keep them in place. 

Kitchen sponge and scrubs

Just poke in your stud earrings on to the kitchen sponge. It would stay in place. You sure would have some new scrubs stored under your sink, take them out, and use those thin scrubs for the stud earrings. You can take the back piece apart, poke the earrings through the scrub, and secure it with the back piece. It would not only stay in place but can also prevent the scratching. Place one scrub each over and under the first one so that there are no scratches or the pointed ends from damaging other things. 

Now it is a surprise! Use this earring- scrub sandwich to pack your hair bands. Wrap the sandwich with your hair bands, one above the other, voila!

Tissue tubes for hair bands and bangles

The used tissue tubes could be used for hair band packing. Wrap the bands over the tube and you are done. You could use this same piece to have the bangles over those bands. An almost empty tube would be safer for the bangles as it stays stiff. Remember to secure the ends with some stuffing, preferably your socks or stockings. If you are still doubtful that it might come off, wrap the whole thing with a face towel.  Wait before you seal the ends, use the hollow of the tube to pack your make up brushes! Doesn’t it make a 5-in-1 package?

Necklaces for rings

Yes, use your necklaces to keep the rings in place. Wrap the rings in a piece of paper or tissue and then loop it through a necklace, preferably an older one, so that it does not suffer any scratches. 

Hair spray bottle

Do you have a big hair spray bottle? Perfect! 

Roll it in a towel/handkerchief and use it to secure all your bangles over it. Use a thin material to warp the bottle if your bangles are smaller. Remember to secure the ends with something. 

Makeup brushes

Seriously? Oh, come on! There is no end to creativity. You will need your brushes in the future, so gather them, secure them with a band and wrap it in a towel, use it to store, what? Bangles! Loop the bangles over this wrap and you are done. 


Every individual has their own creativity and convenience when it comes to packing their things. These are a few tricks that I have successfully tried. Hoping that it works for you as well. If not, there are other things around which you can make use of, with your own creativity. So go got it!. Happy packing.