It does not take much for you to have an entirely new life and an improved one at that. Some small changes here and there in the daily routine and rituals make an entirely new form of life from a different perspective. Here are those 11-morning rituals that you need to follow that will mark your every day as new. 

Early to rise

Start with getting up early than usual, at least half an hour. You can achieve a lot more in that peaceful half an hour than you could from an entire day. It gives you more time to do whatever you wish to do as new that can change your life. If your frequent complaint is that you have less time for workouts, then you should definitely apply this early-to-rise rule. 

Smile at yourself

Spend some time in your bath to smile at yourself for a good 30 seconds or so. It will boost your confidence and will also make you really see yourself. 

Tongue scraping

Remember to clean your tongue as well. Do not stop at cleaning your teeth. The thin film on the tongue can cause bad breath. Scrubbing off this film in the morning will get your fresher breath and will make the food taste better. 

Warm water

Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. This will boost metabolism, lowers blood pressure, promotes better digestion and bowel movements, and will also boost energy. Add in some lemon for detoxification or honey to boost the metabolism and weight loss. 

Healthy smoothie

It is time to have something. Start with a smoothie if you are in a hurry for work. Make a healthy smoothie with yogurt and your desired fruit and some spinach. It makes a powerful nutritious smoothie. 

Proper breakfast

When you have more time with you, do have a king-sized healthy breakfast. Never skip the first meal of the day as it helps with the whole day’s energy. 

Priority list for the day

Make a list of all the priority work that is to be done for the day. Do not plan too much. Calculate the time you can spend on each task and plan accordingly. It helps curb the stress of eating you. 

Stretches and meditation

Follow the warm water with some stretches, exercises, and meditation. It keeps the body healthy and fit. 

Body brushing

Practice the dry brushing of the body to improve blood circulation and mobilize the fat and toxins. Use a soft-bristled brush for this purpose and dry brush the body all over in circular motion. 

Get motivated

You need all kinds of motivation to move ahead each day. The best person to motivate you is you. Have some self-talking about morale and assure yourself that you can achieve anything that you plan to. Do not forget to pat yourself on the back. 

Listen to music

There is no other stress reliever than music. There are no rules for music as to which type you need to listen to. Anything that makes you happy and relieved is your type of music. Have the music playing around you from the time you wake up. It has much more effect than anyone could imagine.