I have never thought about the facts and factors for which I should be grateful, until recently. 

I came across this very idea while I was going through the possible blog post ideas. Seeing this, made me think whether or not I ever thought about the things I should feel that way. 

We tend to take life for granted. We may not always look back at the way our life came through. 

But is that right?

Definitely not!

We all should be grateful for all the luxury, happiness, and even the sadness or the rough patches that we endure in our life journey. 

Here I am with those things I am eternally grateful for, even when my life is happy as well as sad, in the due course. 


I consider family as the most important thing on the earth. I understand that there may be people out there who lack a family to speak of or those who carve to have one. 

I am grateful for having one, a complete one with a husband, kids, and parents.  


One realizes the importance of friends when there is no one around for you to have some timeout. 

While I do have friends, they have their own responsibilities to meet physically. Yet, there are a few who I can reach out when I want to share or blabber about something.

Nonetheless, let me tell you that I am grateful for their presence in my life. 


No one can thrive without good health. Touchwood* I do have a healthy family with no worrying issues at the moment, for which I am grateful. 

We did have a rough patch recently where we were about one of the family members. We had no clue about what to do and how to go about it. Luckily, there was a solution and that was done smoothly. 

By god’s grace, there are no complications anymore. 

My only advice to everyone is, 

  • Not to take your health for granted. 
  • Always keep track of your health. 
  • Do everything in your power to maintain it. You will thank me later!


The world has come to the scenario that only the wealthy get to have a better life. 

While I am grateful for a decent wealth with which my family and I could survive, it baffles me that a good part of the population still struggles to meet their ends. 

It is also the main factor that I make my kids understand that there are people out there who are really unfortunate not to have anything that they enjoy. 

One must not complain about minor or silly things when there are others who have not even seen such a thing in their life. 


Technology is something that we take for granted. While we all enjoy it, even right now, through a laptop or a smartphone, do we think about the inventors of each part of the technology that has helped us move forward every moment of our life?

If not, we must appreciate them and be grateful to them for gifting us with these inventions. 

Since we cannot a world without any of these technologies, it is our duty to give their credit and due thanks for making our lives easier and more comfortable. 


I am grateful for my sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. 

I am grateful for the ability to see the wonderful nature as well as to the real world in its true form. 

I can hear others with my sensing ability and can also listen to all that is pleasant in nature. 

I am grateful that I can feel the touch of my little ones when they need me and can also lend my hand to others around me.

I can smell and taste the food to make sure that it is good for one and all. 


All of us have emotions. What I am grateful for about emotions is that I have it balanced. There is no emotion that overpowers the others. 

I feel each emotion only at the right time. It helps me move forward in a balanced way as well. 

My prayers are with all those who are yet to find that balance in them. 

Dreams and memories

The ability to dream, in the literal way as well as the metaphorical way, helps me fly high and encourages me to achieve each and any goal of mine. 

Without dreams, you do not have an aim in life. This is not what we were made for. 

Each of us has our own aim in our lives. 

It is through our dreams which we can achieve them. 

Equally important are our memories. 

We have it all, good or bad. Each of those memories would have a story to tell. It is the moral of those stories that shape up our lives as well as our characters. 

Try to build as many memories as possible when you can. 

It may help when we are no longer able to create new ones. 

Life lessons

Life itself is a lesson and each person has their own subcategories or sections, made specifically for them. It is through these lessons one grows old and makes a true meaning. 

I have also had my share of lessons, unfortunately through some hard ways. 

The greatest lesson I have learned so far is that ‘Life is a roller coaster’. 

Whether you fall out or not is up to you and how you handle the situations.

Life has its own hurdles, bumps, and pits. How to surpass them jump over, or maneuver out of it makes you successful, confident, and most importantly grateful. 

I am grateful for all these lessons that have helped me be a better person than I used to be. 

Life itself

Most importantly, I am grateful for getting this life to live my dreams, memories, learn my lessons, enjoy my senses, and have a healthier life. 


You need not always write down your gratitude. Having a feel or sense of gratitude in your heart is all that matters. Writing them down makes you think harder about what, how, and whys that comes with it. 

Try listing down what you feel grateful for. 

It has a power to change something in you for good!