Self-care is giving the world the best of you, not what is left of you!

Katie Reed

A mom-life is no cakewalk. There are several hurdles that a mom faces from the day she starts having a life inside her. These hurdles would only pile up if we do not start taking care of ourselves. Yes, self-care is a wonderful solution to reduce many tough times in a mom’s life. 

1. You! 

As much as we love our family, the person you should be loving the most is You! So, try to get something that you want or that makes you happy. This small step can have a major impact on your self-confidence and motivation. All moms have done enough for others and each one us deserves something that is done for us. If you are not doing it for you then you cannot expect the same from others. So, the next time you feel like doing something for someone, think, for ME!

2. Pampering 

Let’s start with some self-pampering. No one knows the feel-good factor of getting pampered than tired moms.  The self-pampering need not be anything big. Even small acts such as a bath/shower which is longer than 5 minutes is a luxury in mamma’s world. So try to indulge in a not-so-quick shower. Trust me, it will definitely wash away some of your tiredness and you can feel some energy getting back inside. 

A quick shower and some alone time pampering your skin would also suffice. Not only are you giving a treat to your skin but you are also giving some new life to this protective layer which is in dire need of some refreshment. 

3. Reading

I know not everyone gets time to read a book, let alone a few pages. At the risk of sounding like boasting, I consider myself lucky enough to get some time to read, a lot. I am a night owl so usually get some near-alone time when the kids are in bed to read a few pages. I gradually increased the number of pages I read and then it became a habit. Now that my kids are into their teens, reading has become more than a habit for me. 

Push yourself to read a few pages, even if it is one page a day, consider it a small success and get going. 

4. Journaling

Journaling is something that is new to me. Though I know about journaling, I was not really into it. But once I started, it is a totally new feeling! I was clueless about what to write. Ever since I started blogging, I started scribbling my ideas on to paper. That book turned out to be my first ever journal. Now, I carry it around so that whenever I get some ideas or thoughts I can write it down immediately. It helps me clear my mind and later when I am looking for ideas, I have it right where I wanted. 

People do journalling for so many reasons. What I am telling is that anything that you write down in a book, it becomes a journal for you. There are no rules, no restriction, ou make them all as you go. 

5. Do a puzzle

Puzzle-solving has its benefits. It sharpens the mind, improves concentration, and most importantly, it helps you unwind from the day-to-day chores and its pressure. There are several apps available for puzzles. I am into Sudoku. I try to do at least one puzzle a day. It can be a word puzzle, actual puzzle pieces or anything that catches your interest. 

6. Window shopping

This is definitely my favorite! I am sure that most of us love shopping, yes! But window shopping has its own charm especially done with girlfriends around. So, try doing window shopping over your phone. You can easily surf through all your interested items and can even put them in the cart. Its a lot of fun. I do it all the time. I will put them in the cart and then, keep them there for a while and push them to the save-for-later basket. 

The main advantage here is that we don’t do unnecessary shopping. You find something interesting, put in your cart, wait out a few days and recheck to see if you are still interested. If yes, you buy it otherwise, you can keep it for later or delete them. Amazon has this feature and I make full use of it. You must try it, it’s really fun!

7. Rest, rest, rest!

Sleep is something we mothers crave until our kids are old enough to take care fo themselves. But there is another more important thing that we need- rest. Taking rest for a few seconds to few minutes is a lifesaver. I used to be tired enough not to take a bath when I badly needed but have opted for some rest. Taking rest at that moment is more energizing than a shower or a few minutes in a bathtub can give. 


We are capable enough to think through the tough times and come out victorious. Try to make it as happy as possible and love yourself. If only we can love ourselves, we can love and take care of others. At this moment when everyone is at home, you are trying to get a perfectly workable routine, it is better to sneak in some ME-time into the schedule. It will keep you sane and happy.