“Sleep is the best meditation”  

Dalai Lama

Is sleep really equivalent to meditation?  The answer is yes!

Meditation and sleep both give rest to the mind and body but that from meditation is far deeper. 

On the other hand, sleep is also essential for good health. Sleep is as necessary as oxygen and water. One cannot survive without sleep. Sleep deficiency can cause major health troubles for both body and mind.

Deep sleep for 6-8 hours refreshes the body. Getting a lesser or higher amount of sleep could lead to imbalances. 

When we sleep our body’s metabolic rate is slowed down, allowing the mind to be in a calmer state. This state is similar to meditation but is better and more effective in a spiritual way. 

Sleep and our biological clock are connected to each other. It’s our biological clock that sends hormones that enables sleep when the sun goes down and wakes the body up when the sunrises. 

Quality of sleep

During sleep, the blood pressure and heart rate come down and the muscles are in a relaxed state. Growth and repair processes inside the body occur during deep sleep. That’s why deep sleep is necessary for good health. 

The duration of sleep differs with age. Babies need more sleep time and this time period reduces as the person grows. 

Lack of quality sleep leads to fatigue, memory lapses, poor concentration, and mood swings. It can also make the immune system less effective and the body is vulnerable to infections and other illnesses. 

Factors that affect sleep

There are many factors that affect sleep. Most common of them are, 

  • Age is a major factor that causes insomnia or lack of sleep. Older people find it difficult to fall asleep. With the help of some minor workouts, they may still get a night of better sleep. 
  • Consumption of sugar, as well as alcohol, can interfere with sleep. Having either of these close to bedtime could make it harder to fall asleep. 
  • Never take caffeine after sundown. It is a formula to keep you awake not the other way around. keep it for your mornings only. 
  • Stress, both physical and mental, can delay the sleep process. If you are constantly struggling with sleep, you may want to find some stress busters, other than gadgets. 

Getting sleep

Sleep is a natural energy booster. Under no circumstances, one must avoid sleep for a longer period. 

Sleep does not come as a choice. You will have to earn it the right way. If sleep doesn’t bless you at night take some warm milk or take a book to the bed. Both these are found to induce sleep. 

Keeping electronic gadgets out of your bedroom might be a great help. Relying on alarm clocks rather than smartphones definitely has more prospects when it comes to sleep. 

Do remember, the quality of the sleep overpowers the duration of sleep. Even a few minutes of power nap can bring most of the effects of deeper sleep.