I have always tried to be creative with the available materials. No, I am not well versed in this art but I do pretty well enough if I can say so myself. 

In the past, I have tried making paper tubes and have made some not-so-perfect pen stands and small pieces of stuff like that. Over the years I started collecting cereal boxes or any cardboard boxes that we get. 

Most of the time, I keep holding on to them, thinking that someday I would make something out of those. But all I end up doing is using them as storage boxes and later they end up in the recycle bin.

Recently, because of the coronavirus pandemic, I had to think of something to take my mind off the busy schedule at home.  

So, I came up with this idea of the recycled canvas. I was not confident enough to spend on an actual canvas to satisfy myself ( it is not available at the moment either) so depending on my recycling efforts. 

Long story short, here I am with that recycled canvas and a few other DIY items to complete my paintings. 

The preparation

Cut or trim the cereal box pieces as per your requirements. 

Cover one side of the cardboard with a plain thick paper or a drawing paper, whichever is available. 

Once you stick the paper on to one side, and your canvas is ready to use. 

The cardboard is most likely to bend upwards when the glue dries. So, keep some weight over the canvas and keep it for a while so it becomes flat. 

This is what it looks on the backside.

The deed

To start painting, you may want to use a primer or gesso to help the paint stick to the surface.

I had my own gesso recipe so I used that to start my artwork. 

Then, I painted as I would on any canvas surface.

I used poster colors to do my experiments. 

I was not brave enough to try the actual nuances of painting. It was more comfortable and easy to do the silhouettes. 

The efforts and results

There are a total of 4 paintings. 

My endeavor had to be successful, isn’t it? So, for my attempt, I made paintings of gods and goddesses. 

Lord Ganesha, who removes all obstacles for you. 

Goddess Durga, who empowers you in 9 different forms. 

Lord Shiva, the god of destruction and the one who holds the most power in his third eye.

Lord Krishna, my favorite of all, the supreme god in his own right. 

Bottom Line

Art and painting have no rules. You do what you do and what you made is called an art. There is no space for perfection here. It is all about the thought process and execution. 

During this tough period, I hope I encouraged and motivated at least some of you to follow your dream. 

Remember, every dream has to take the first step to be a reality.