It’s been just over a month since the national lockdown. With no domestic help of any kind, we have been cleaning the home ourselves. 

Earlier, I used to do the cleaning myself, but needed help later on because of some health issues. Now, cleaning the home alone has become quite a task. Thankfully I had my little battalion of helpers around. 

Yet, there are a few facts that I now realize that have forced me to change some perspective regarding the housekeeping and home maintenance. 

That small speck of dust

It is every clean freak’s nightmare! Thank god I am not THAT into cleaning every square inch of the home. In the past I would have been a little worried about seeing that on a piece of furniture or on the rails but not anymore!

I have learned that it is okay to miss a spot. A small dust particle is not going to rise to a King Kong proportion and start bothering you unless you have a strong reason to be worried about. You can always come back and remove it or delegate it to someone else. The main lesson here is to be patient and not be overreacting or be bothered too much. You have other things to worry about!

Leave the corners alone!

It’s not what you think! You must clean every nook and cranny of the house, yes. But having the croners free of any obstacle makes it easier to clean it. 

Never leave space between the furniture and the wall. That small space accumulates more dust than you can imagine but you will not be able to clean it properly every time. 

The solution? Either have the furniture keeping close to the corners or have ot completely removed. 

Removing the furniture and cleaning the corners is easier done on a weekly basis but never an easy task on a daily basis. 

A cleaning routine

Having a regular cleaning routine makes life easier. Rather than pushing yourself to clean the house completely from top to bottom, a daily general clean and one room a day for deep clean is a far better idea. 

This way, your house looks clean, neat, and thoroughly cleaned. This is where I started planning for a weekly cleaning to-do list. I am shocked that I never started one such list to start with. 

Dedicating a page in my journal for this!